Dogs Available

All dogs are currently adopted. 
Additional photos and information about current dogs can be found on the Sirius K9 Facebook page.   The Dogs Available album on Facebook  is where you can see the most recent photos and descriptions of dogs looking for homes.

All dogs are Spay/Neutered, up to date on vaccines

and microchipped.


Roscoe - Adopted

Adult Male Neutered. Shepherd Labrador mix. 2 yrs old.  Weighs 68 pounds.  Loves to go on walks and hikes. Energetic in the day and loves to snuggle at night. Affectionate and Loyal. Very Smart and a quick learner.  Likes same size dogs the most at Doggy Daycare.  House trained and used to an outdoor break at lunch time. Looking for a detached home with a fenced yard.  A family with older teens in the home is best suited for this strong young dog.  Ready to meet you!


Louie - Adopted

Apricot Poodle mix.  Male Neutered. Weighs 17 lbs. He is 2 yrs old. Louie is a fun and friendly dog. He is young and energetic.  Will require active adopters.  He does bark when left alone, so a detached home is required.  A fenced yard is always an asset. 


Jewel - Adopted

Adopted by her Foster Family. Sweet Shetland Sheepdog. Female/Spayed 4 yrs old.  Lovely dog. Shy at first. Prefers quiet interactions and loves to go on long walks.  House trained and used to an outdoor break at lunch time. Loves to chase squirrels and watch the wildlife in the backyard.  Enjoys a fenced yard. 

HappyZell (2).jpg

Zelda - Adopted

Female/Spayed Lab mix. 6 yrs of age. Weighs 40 pounds.  House trained. Loves people and water! Prefers same size or large dogs.  Likes a fenced yard for off leash play time. Energetic in the day and likes to snuggle on the sofa at night.  Prefers suburban living over down town. Her favorite canine pals are larger male dogs. This rescue prefers families with children over 10yrs old. Zelda is ready to meet you!