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Before adopting please consider the following:

  • Agreement amongst all family members in the home to adopt a dog.

  • If the home is a rental property please confirm that the landlord allows pets. 

  • Assess the costs of pet ownership.  Food, annual and emergency veterinary costs, basic obedience classes, care products, toys etc.

  • Whether you realistically have the time and energy to welcome a dog into your life.

  • Anticipate that your new pet will need an adjustment period.  Time to adapt to new people, surroundings and schedules. 


We strive to find homes that are the right match for both families and pets. Successful adopters are families who understand pet ownership is a shared responsibility.  They demonstrate a willingness to participate in dog training efforts and have a realistic understanding of the responsibilities and expense associated with dog ownership.  If you are interested in a pet please send an email to to request the adoption application form. 

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